About me

Over Jon I

I started my professional career as an assistant preparing the practical lessons at HBO Larenstein, Department of Microbiology. After that I started working as a technician for Cebeco Seeds, a breeding company in The Netherlands and responsible for R&D Biotech, protein analyses, Plant tissue culture including protoplast fusion in potatoes, DH production in wheat and barley, Molecular Biology lab setup, Marker Assisted Breeding and Marker Assisted Selection in all types for field crops
After almost five years working for Cebeco Seeds, I started working for KeyGene N.V. (Cebeco Seeds was one of the shareholders of KeyGene). I started as a technician in the lab working on AFLP, Genotyping, data analyses (QTL analysis, GDA, Genetic mapping), After Sales Software support. Because KeyGene recognized my communication skills, I made a smooth transition from the lab to Business Development. One of my key talents was to sell technologies and services and make a connection between the research of the client and services KeyGene offers, all based on mutual interests and long term focus for doing business
My main responsibilities were Business Development, Key Account Management of the major clients. Focus on EU, North America, South-East Asia, India and consortia set up by KeyGene for small and medium sized Flower and Field Crop companies who wanted to enter the Biotech world, attending conferences and exhibits. I also initiated the first contacts with Amplicon Express which led to a very profitable collaboration for a number of years and ended up eventually into a partnership with KeyGene.
After almost 10 years working for KeyGene, I joined Amplicon Express as VP Business development. My main focus was International Business Development, Acquisition, Europe, North America and South-East Asia). Expanding Amplicon Express brand, services and products but all with a focus on long term relationships with the clients by using Customer relationship management / Vendor Relationship Management, Key Account Management and negotiations. I was also responsible for sub distributors in India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.
As of April 2017, I started my own Biotech Consultancy company with the main focus to assist clients with their Marketing and Sales activities using the knowledge I gained over the years and my own personal approach!
From January 2018 until September 2021 I was Business Developer/Account Manager for VHL Genetics and responsible for the Plant genotyping services with a focus on long term relationships .
At the moment I am working for Naktuinbouw as Relation Manager of Naktuinbouw Laboratories.